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If you’re looking for the best possible dental care in an environment that caters to your every need, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Guri S. Dhaliwal DMD has years of experience in professional cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, and sedation dentistry. We invite you to discover our patient-friendly service, where technology places everything right at your fingertips. Receive text alert reminders and emails, with no tedious paperwork involved.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures To Enhance Your Smile

Cosmetic dentistry can correct dental issues that affect your appearance. So whether you have any dental issues that are causing you embarrassment, or you simply wish to improve the appearance of your smile, schedule and appointment with Dr. Dhaliwal to learn how cosmetic dentistry can help boost your self-confidence. Professional teeth whitening can help reduce the appearance of staining from coffee or general yellowing. With the help of Invisalign, we can straighten your teeth discreetly, without traditional wires and bands. Or, if you are interested in changing veneers natural length or shape of your teeth, dental veneers can be applied to match the same appearance and color of natural teeth. They are made from porcelain material and they are similar to caps that are placed over natural teeth.

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Family Dentistry: Improving Your Child’s Oral Health

We understand the importance of caring for your family’s dental hygiene. Dental issues can begin in early childhood, and have a lasting impact if not treated properly. We care for your child’s teeth with a gentle approach. Whether your child requires braces for straightening the teeth or correcting an overbite or underbite, or he or she requires teeth cleanings, we are here to provide full oral health examinations. General oral health wellness exams are greatly encouraged for the entire family.

Sedation Dentistry Will Put You At Ease

We understand that some patients feel apprehension when visiting the dentist for dental implants. Depending on your comfort level and at your request, you may receive light, conscious, or deep sedation during your dental procedure. Light sedation will allow you to be fully awake yet completely relaxed. Conscious sedation takes it a step further, as you are still conscious yet you may not recall much of the procedure afterward. Deep sedation places you in a semi-conscious state, and general anesthesia will place you in an unconscious state.

Our Technology and Comforts

Visit our office and receive a free consultation. From up-to-the-minute diagnostics to laser therapy, with state-of-the-art technology, we provide the best care possible. We’ll make you comfortable while you’re here, with Pandora music and WIFI. Call us today for the Dhaliwal difference.


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