Relieve Dental Anxiety with Four Types of Sedation

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For the thousands of Americans who experience anxiety while in the dentist chair, sedation dentistry removes these fears. This practice uses medication to provide different levels of relaxation depending on the procedure at hand. Here are the main types of sedation used for this dental specialty. Inhaled Minimal Sedation Minimal sedation, an awake but relaxed state, is achieved through the administration of nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing...

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Benefits of a Full Mouth Makeover

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People who experience dissatisfaction with their mouth and teeth may look for aesthetic solutions that will restore health and appearance. A full mouth makeover is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can fix a variety of problems at once. Issues Resolved Damaged or imperfect teeth can be encased in crowns. These crowns are caps that fully cover teeth to improve appearance and add strength. The dentist cements the crowns in place to secure them....

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What to Know About Periodontal Diseases

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A periodontal disease is a serious gum infection that can potentially cause severe damage to the gums and jawbones, subsequently leading to tooth decay and loss. Poor oral hygiene is usually the cause of these infections. Periodontal diseases are both preventable and treatable with the help of general dentistry treatments. Gingivitis Gingivitis the mildest and most common form of gum disease. Caused by toxins in plaque, gingivitis is especially...

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Leading Causes of Gum Disease and Treatment Options

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Dental hygiene is about more than just teeth, it means taking care of the whole mouth, teeth, and gums. Gum diseases like gingivitis can greatly reduce overall mouth health with unsightly and painful results. Fortunately, for most patients, the effects of gum disease can be reduced and eliminated with treatment and behavioral changes. Understanding the causes and treatment options for gum disease can help avoid the...

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