4 Hidden Benefits of Veneers

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Of the many dentistry services available to improve patients’ oral health and appearance, veneers are among the most popular thanks to their effectiveness and simplicity. Made of porcelain or resin and designed to resemble healthy teeth, veneers are permanently adhered to the front of an affected tooth to make it shine like new, improving a patient’s overall appearance. But veneers also have a few extra benefits that may surprise...

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Why Teeth Cleaning Is Vital to Dental Health

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The importance of professional teeth cleanings and general dentistry examinations cannot be overstated. Moreover, any short-term savings by avoiding cleanings usually precedes increasing costs over time. The American Dental Association recommends at least one professional cleaning and examination per year, and more if necessary. Here are some reasons why. Professional Cleanings Are Meticulous In a dentist’s office, the hygienist uses...

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How to Make Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist a Success

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Taking a child to the family dentist for the first time is usually more stressful for the parent than it is for the child since kids don’t have any preconceived opinions about the dentist office. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should have their first dental checkup around their first birthday (or six months after the first tooth erupts). These tips will help make that first visit go smoothly for parents...

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Relieve Dental Anxiety with Four Types of Sedation

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For the thousands of Americans who experience anxiety while in the dentist chair, sedation dentistry removes these fears. This practice uses medication to provide different levels of relaxation depending on the procedure at hand. Here are the main types of sedation used for this dental specialty. Inhaled Minimal Sedation Minimal sedation, an awake but relaxed state, is achieved through the administration of nitrous oxide. Also known as laughing...

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