The KoR Teeth Whitening Difference


Woman sitting in dentist chairEvery day, dentists around the country see patients who are concerned that their smiles aren’t white enough. Feeling insecure about their smiles can make people less confident in other areas of their lives, including relationships and work. Added confidence is just one of the reasons to have teeth professionally whitened. KoR Whitening is a state-of-the-art technology that uses refrigerated gels and specialized application to achieve some of the best results in the industry.

What Is KoR Whitening?

KoR Whitening is a system that uses continuous refrigeration to protect the potency of their gels, which means more consistent results for patients. The breakdown of other gels due to heat produces hydrogen, which creates more acidity and increases the likelihood of tooth sensitivity after a whitening procedure. In addition, KoR Whitening Kor-Seal Trays are designed to seal out saliva. Saliva quickly breaks down whitening gels, so these trays help protect the active ingredients, allowing them to work longer. In fact, patients who use the KoR system can expect 6 to 10 hours of whitening power, as opposed to 25-35 minutes with typical whiteners.

Who Can Use KoR Whitening?

The KoR teeth whitening system is appropriate for anyone, no matter the causes for tooth discoloration. Even teeth that have been discolored due to medication can be improved with KoR Whitening through the KoR Accelerated Maintenance program. In normal cases, patients receive an in-office whitening session, then are sent home with a tray and remaining whitening gel. With the Accelerated Maintenance program, patients wear the tray a certain number of nights per week for the first month, then decrease each month thereafter. Afterwards, they continue with the Long-Term Maintenance program recommended to all patients. For more long-term care tips, read this blog on caring for whitened teeth.

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