General Dentistry in San Ramon, CA

Image Of Smiling Family After Visit To San Ramon Dental Clinic - Guri S. Dhaliwal DMDDental health and hygiene affect much more than your smile. The health of your mouth is an indication of your overall health. In fact, studies show a strong relationship between gum disease and other general health complications including stroke and heart disease. Additionally, gum disease in pregnant women can indicate a higher risk of a pre-term or low birth weight baby. Oral manifestations are indicators in more than 90 percent of all diseases that involve the body’s organs such as leukemia and other cancers, diabetes, and heart and kidney disease. These manifestations include indications like ulcers, dry mouth, swollen gums, and other chronic gum issues. Guri S. Dhaliwal DMD specializes in family dentistry. Our office is built to accommodate everyone, and our staff is well equipped to handle a variety of situations. Above all else, we want our patients to feel comfortable. Our staff provides heated neck wraps, aromatherapy eye pillows, massage chair inserts, noise-cancelling headphones, and a selection of music via Pandora. Additionally, reliable Wi-Fi is available to all patients and guests.

General Dental Hygiene

Our office will help you stay on top of your health and hygiene through routine dental appointments. We know your life is busy, so we strive to get you in and out quickly while providing convenient appointment times. If you have any dental fears, we will help you to work through them to the benefit of your overall health. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Metal-Free Fillings

Our office is determined to stay abreast of the latest research and technology in regards to dental advancements. For this reason, our office does not offer metal fillings. Instead, composite fillings are used to remedy cavities in patients of all ages. Our fillings are free of mercury, which can be found in older fillings, and are also more aesthetically pleasing since they match the color of your natural teeth. Picture Of Dentist In San Ramon - Guri S. Dhaliwal DMD

Dental Crowns

Transform your smile with dental crowns. Guri S. Dhaliwal DMD provides the highest quality crowns to help improve your smile and the condition of your oral health. Our crowns fit seamlessly into your bite to provide the ultimate in comfort and beauty. During the process, patient comfort is of the utmost importance. We know it is difficult to undergo large dental procedures, so we walk through the process with you, providing the tools you need for success.

Dental Implants

Missing or severely damaged teeth can wreak havoc on self-esteem and overall dental health. Our offices offer cutting-edge services, allowing us to provide a permanent solution for your smile. Additionally, several financing options are available for larger dental procedures. Peruse our site to learn more.

TMJ Treatment

A TMJ diagnosis is not a lifelong sentence of headaches, neck pain, sinus issues, mouth and jaw tenderness, and ear ringing. Orthodontic solutions through Guri S. Dhaliwal DMD provide relief from jaw misalignment. We use specialized computer equipment to analyze jaw movements and provide the best solution for your personal needs.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Your smile is often your best first impression. Our full mouth rehabilitation can give you the smile you need to put your best foot forward while assuring your bite is correctly aligned for comfort and ongoing dental health. It is never too late to recover from the ill effects of TMJ or chipped, worn, and cracked teeth. Complimentary consultations are currently available. Call today to learn more, or to schedule an appointment. Start today and keep your smile healthy for a lifetime!

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