Benefits of a Full Mouth Makeover

Benefits of a Full Mouth Makeover

Posted by DR. GURI S. DHALIWAL on Oct 21 2017, 10:50 AM

Benefits of a Full Mouth Makeover

People who experience dissatisfaction with their mouth and teeth may look for aesthetic solutions that will restore health and appearance. A full mouth makeover is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can fix a variety of problems at once.

Issues Resolved

Damaged or imperfect teeth can be encased in crowns. These crowns are caps that fully cover teeth to improve appearance and add strength. The dentist cements the crowns in place to secure them. Crowns are also helpful because they improve the shape and size of teeth, which helps enhance appearance.

Bridges and dentures replace missing teeth, which improves appearance, speech, and biting and chewing ability. A bridge is a partial denture across a gap, anchored on either side by a crown on the last existing teeth. Dentures would replace an entire row of missing teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry patients missing teeth may opt for implants instead of bridges and crowns. Implants are a more permanent solution than dentures. They secure directly into the jawbone, so they cannot be removed like dentures.

A full mouth makeover also includes filling cavities and sealing teeth to prevent future cavities.

Patients with cracks, chips, gaps, or misshapen teeth may opt for dental veneers to resolve these issues. Veneers attach to the fronts of existing teeth, covering them with a thin layer of porcelain.

Professional whitening can improve color significantly. Patients may notice up to eight shades of lightening with only about one hour of treatment. Whitening can remain visible for years if patients avoid certain foods and beverages that darken teeth.

Options Available

With examination, a dentist will determine whether a patient needs a full mouth makeover or just a smile makeover. A smile makeover is less invasive, focusing solely on cosmetic dentistry and not functional or structural issues.

Whatever the extent of issues, consulting a dentist is the first step toward restoring health and beauty in the mouth.

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