It’s Never Too Early For Oral Hygiene

It’s Never Too Early For Oral Hygiene

Posted by DR. GURI S. DHALIWAL on Feb 24 2016, 08:39 PM

It’s Never Too Early For Oral Hygiene

As much as I enjoy seeing my younger patients, the truth is that good oral hygiene begins at home before your child even has teeth. Much of what we consider to be proper tooth care is simply a diligent routine established early on, here are the basics of good pediatric oral care.

When Do I Start?

Oral hygiene begins at infancy. Problems related to gum disease, inflammation, or even Alzheimer’s can start before a child gets their first teeth. I recommend wiping down the baby’s gums with a soft gauze or a wet washcloth after meals or as often as you should brush. Visits to a family dentistry with experience in pediatric care should begin as the first teeth erupt.

Aren’t They Just Baby Teeth?

True, a child’s primary teeth will eventually be replaced by their adult set, but routines that are established before and during the growth of permanent teeth are the basis for a lifetime of exceptional dental health. A loose tooth can trap food particles, where rotting material can exacerbate or create gum problems. Damage to baby teeth directly relates to the growth of their permanent set, so you should oversee brushing and regular flossing to create a healthy oral hygiene regimen.

My Child is Afraid of the Dentist. What Should I Do?

It’s common for children to have anxiety about visiting any medical professional but especially the dentist. However, this negative association is a stereotype, and this perception can easily be changed. If your child fears an oral check-up, I suggest visiting our family dentistry to help demystify what goes on in our office. We try to create a comfortable environment for both adults and children, ensuring a great personal experience.

Good habits, like the bad ones, die hard. Teaching your child the proper way to clean their teeth is the first step to a happy and healthy smile.

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