Should You Go for Teeth Whitening?

Should You Go for Teeth Whitening?

Posted by DR. GURI S. DHALIWAL on Jul 24 2020, 04:19 AM

Should You Go for Teeth Whitening?

Are you happy with the color of your teeth, or do you wish to have a brighter smile? Many of us experience teeth discoloration, due to which our smiles may appear displeasing. This can lead to frequent embarrassment when someone mocks you when you talk or smile. The best way to counter this problem and enhance one’s overall facial appearance is through teeth whitening.

Are you the right candidate for teeth whitening?

Patients who wish to get teeth whitening done should satisfy a few conditions. The dentist will conduct a thorough diagnosis and determine your candidacy. Some of the factors that are looked into are:

Cavities: Cavities are caused due to the erosion of the enamel when the microbes in the mouth release harmful toxins. They expose the deeper layers of the teeth to the food particles and microbes. If you have cavities, teeth whitening can’t be performed as the whitening gel can come in contact with the underlying layers and cause adverse effects.

Restorations: When you have oral restorations such as crowns, veneers, bridges, or implants, it is advisable not to get teeth whitening done. Ceramic restorations are unaffected by the whitening procedure, due to which your teeth may look different shades after the process is completed.

Receding gums: The gum line could recede when you have gum diseases like periodontitis or gingivitis, thereby exposing the root structure. When the whitening gel comes in contact with the roots, it may have a slightly different effect. The dentist may suggest an alternate method of teeth whitening in such instances.

Hypersensitivity: Patients who have extremely sensitive teeth may find that their hypersensitivity has worsened after the whitening procedure. Hence, if you have sensitive teeth, it is best you do not go for teeth whitening.

Damaged teeth: Patients with cracked, chipped, or worn out teeth will not be right candidates for teeth whitening. Also, if you have gum diseases or oral cancer, the condition could worsen after getting teeth whitening done.

What are your teeth whitening options?

Conventional whitening: Conventional teeth whitening is the most commonly preferred method. A trained dentist performs it at a dental practice. We use a whitening gel rich in Hydrogen Peroxide, a chemical agent used in almost all teeth whitening products. It will be applied on the teeth, spread evenly, and allowed to stay for a few minutes. Later, it can be rinsed off, and the procedure may be repeated multiple times to get a better whitening level.

Take-home teeth whitening:Take-home whitening includes customized whitening trays that the dentist will provide. You can take them home and along with a prescribed whitening gel. The dentist will guide you through its usage and is pretty simple and effective.

KOR teeth whitening:KOR is a revolutionary teeth whitening method that doesn’t use lights and lasers for the procedure. It has four variants, and the dentist will suggest the most suitable one for you based on the severity of staining. It is known to provide impressive results that last for a long time.

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