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Why Dental Crowns are a Great Solution for Tooth Erosion

Posted by DR. GURI S. DHALIWAL on Sep 12 2016, 09:08 PM

Many people are sufferers of tooth erosion. As time goes by, the enamel wears down and exposes the softer dentin underneath the enamel to bacteria. There are numerous causes such as high acid exposure from long-term acid reflux, stress, and even from eating a great deal of citrus fruit. Other factors such as brushing too hard, or teeth grinding while asleep also can be added to that list- along with an abnormal bite pattern. Using teeth for tools such as opening a bottle increases the likelihood of a permanent crack or chip causing tooth enamel damage, which leads to erosion.

There are cases of erosion that can be deterred with special procedures such as bonded composites followed with meticulous dental care by the patient. However, once the tooth has deteriorated past the dentin, the dentist will have to determine the best solution.

The patient consequences will increase if they wait too long to go to their dentist. As soon as the natural tooth erodes it fails to do its job.

  •  Chewing more on the other side of the mouth, causing an imbalance in the wear leading to erosion on good teeth.
  • The space between teeth widens to fill the gap of the deteriorated or a lost tooth, causing long-term problems that are more difficult to repair.
  • Eventually, the jawbone disintegrates and extensive work is needed to restore bite and prevent facial collapse.

The condition may require a dental crown, which is aesthetically pleasing and functions like a normal tooth. Dental crowns are so natural in appearance because they are easily mistaken as natural teeth. They are contoured to match normal teeth in shape, color, and translucency. Crowns can prevent bone loss, facial sagging, and restore normal chewing pattern preventing erosion of other teeth.

Contact a dentist at the first hint of a problem.

Crowns can prevent bone loss, facial sagging and restore your normal chewing pattern preventing erosion of other teeth. Contact your dentist at the first hint of a problem.

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