Why Patients Need Metal-Free Fillings

Why Patients Need Metal-Free Fillings

Posted by DR. GURI S. DHALIWAL on Dec 7 2015, 08:45 PM

Patients often like to stay informed about new options in dental treatments. One such option is metal-free tooth fillings. This type of material is different from traditional amalgam that most people received to treat cavities. I like to help my patients learn about new treatment options so they can make informed decisions about their dental health.

New composite materials are the same color as teeth, making them virtually indistinguishable in the mouth. These white fillings are made out of composite resin. They are the material of choice, especially for small cavities.

Dentists can complete composite fillings right in the office. This makes it possible for me to complete a full appointment to diagnose and treat cavities in a single office visit. Patients usually appreciate this option, because it eliminates the need for a second appointment.

I also like to tell my patients that non-metal teeth filling materials are easier to implement. Dentists have to perform much less drilling to use these materials. This is a winning situation for everyone. Patients have to endure less time in the office.. Dentists appreciate not having to remove as much of the important tooth structure in preparation for the filling.

Another important benefit of composites is the chemical composition of the materials. Metal materials usually contain potentially dangerous mercury. Current research is inconclusive about the long-term dangers of mercury, but it’s possible that this chemical could be released into the body from the tooth, which could lead to health problems in the future.

I firmly believe in the importance of providing my patients with the best care possible. This includes incorporating the most recent advancements in treatments whenever feasible. In my family dental practice, this means that we do not even offer metal teeth filling to our patients anymore. Composites are not only the safer option, but they look more natural in the mouth.

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