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Metal Free Fillings

In the past, before metal-free fillings were developed, amalgam was used to fill cavities. This alloy of silver and mercury is strong and durable, but at the same time, it poses several problems. These metal fillings can be harmful to your teeth and health. They spoil the aesthetics of a smile, and they are also vulnerable to temperature changes causing bacterial infections and eventual tooth decay.

With the advancements in dental technology, various alternatives for metal fillings are now available and are provided as a part of San Ramon, CA Cosmetic Dental Treatment; one among them is metal-free fillings. 

Metal-free fillings offer several diverse benefits compared to the problems posed by metal fillings. They offer enhancements in facial aesthetics, improved safety and health for the teeth and the body, and flexibility in use and application. With metal-free restorations, you will enjoy the advantage of a more natural appearance.

What are the materials used for Metal-Free Fillings?

The metal-free fillings are available in two types of materials, ceramic porcelain, and a resin composite. The composite fillings comprise a healthy combination of plastics and glass, which resembles a natural tooth. The composite fillings developed as an alternative to amalgam are now the favored choice of filling for those worried about the appearance of their teeth and their oral health.

Ceramic is another choice for fillings, and it is famous for its strength. It is a costlier material, but its strength makes it the perfect choice for patients seeking lasting solutions as the more soft composite fillings may require repeated applications. 

What are the advantages of Metal-Free Fillings?

  • Looks natural:The silver fillings can easily be evident even when used for the back teeth. On the other hand, the composite fillings look completely natural because they are chosen to match the shades of your tooth exactly. 
  • Improved tooth bond: Unlike metal amalgam fillings, the composite or tooth-colored fillings are planned to bind directly to your tooth. A better bond means the composite seals out bacteria, reducing your risk of recurrent tooth decay.
  • Reduced Tooth Sensitivity:Metal is conductive, and therefore, likely to cause tooth sensitivity when the temperature changes in the mouth. The Composite fillings are less likely to cause tooth sensitivity because they expand and contract at a similar rate as natural dental enamel. 
  • Risk-free:Composite or metal-free fillings do not contain any mercury, and hence it is entirely safe for the patients. With composite fillings, you don’t need to have concerns about any harm occurring to anyone’s health or the environment. 
  • Biocompatible materials: Some people may be sensitive toward certain metals and may experience adverse immune effects due to having metal fillings in their mouth. Amalgam fillings are quite risky for children as well as pregnant women. As the composite fillings are biocompatible, they aren’t supposed to cause any allergic reactions or immune responses and are safe for patients of all ages.

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